Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors – The Wholesale Formula


Who are Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors?

Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors, the founders of "The Wholesale Formula" Program, both eCommerce entrepreneurs and Amazon wholesalers, originate from Southeastern Kentucky, one of the poorest parts of the country, and have empowered countless students to attain success and establish their own businesses.

They both had decent jobs but they were not satisfied with their income. In 2011, Dan's CFO told him that he was quitting his job to sell things on Amazon full-time. Dan was shocked, but he was also intrigued. He asked the CFO to teach him about Retail Arbitrage (RA), a business model where you buy products at retail stores and then sell them on Amazon for a profit.

Dan started pursuing the RA model and within four months, he was making enough money to quit his job too. He reinvested all of his profits back into the business.

By 2012, he had a million-dollar business. However, Dan realized that the RA model was not sustainable. He had to work long hours every day, and if he stopped working, he would stop making money. So, it wasn't really a "business," it was a j-o-b.

In 2013, Dan partnered with Dylan and they discovered the reverse sourcing wholesale model. This model is a more scalable and sustainable business model because you buy products directly from wholesalers and then sell them on Amazon. In the first year of using this model, Dan and Dylan tripled their sales to $3 million. The next year, their sales doubled to over $6 million.

Today, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost work less than 4 hours per week on their business. They have outsourced most of the work, so the business runs itself. Their business has now done over $36 million in sales and generated over $1 million in profit.

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