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Welcome to my eFORMULA review where you will find a unique and detailed review of a life-changing training program as you will discover yourself within minutes.

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eFormula Free eBook - The Breakthrough

How to sell Profitable Products with FREE Traffic & NO Website?




 No Marketing, No Paid Ads & No Website Required! 



How to Sell high-margin, in-demand products on a marketplace that gets up to 65 Million visitors each day!

  • It is CRITICAL that you join us LIVE because you'll discover...
    • How to build an Amazon business in 2024.
    • How to use FREE traffic to make sales with this system, ELIMINATING the need to spend money on paid ads or marketing. - The 7-Step "manual way" of running the system. (There'll be so much detail, you could come away from the presentation and actually put it into action immediately). 
    • The Breakthrough SHORTCUTS that remove the "guesswork", CUT OUT many of these manual steps and potentially increase the speed in which you could start generating sales.
    • Why we've spent a FORTUNE developing these NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE shortcuts and how we believe they could change the way people build online businesses FOREVER.
    • How to access a MASSIVE VAULT of pre-vetted products, with validated demand, that you could start selling immediately.
    • What you DO and DON’T need in order to be successful with this. (You don't need a website or to spend large amounts on inventory to get started - and you ONLY deal with US suppliers).
    • Examples of products that could do exceptionally well with this system. (We'll be revealing all the details including potential profit margins, estimated sales numbers and more!)
    • How you can get started with this no matter where you live in the world by taking advantage of a series of unique "Inner-Circle" components.
  • We only have limited capacity on each call so be sure to TURN UP 20 MINUTES EARLY when the time comes!

Monday, JAN 22th [06:00 PM - 08:00 PM EET]

What is The eFORMULA?

Here is Aidan Booth’s definition: The eFORMULA is a Highly Effective And Very Unique Method of Selling Simple, But Highly Profitable Products Online, Using 100% Free Traffic, Minimal Inventory, (And With No Technical "Know-How" Required).

eFORMULA is an in-depth and practical training course by Aidan Booth. It will help you build a real eCommerce business, specifically an Amazon wholesale business. The training will guide you step-by-step from the beginning to the point where you start turning a profit.

eFORMULA is Aidan Booth's latest online business training program. It is designed to help people start and scale profitable e-commerce stores that generate passive income.

If you're serious about starting an e-commerce business, eFORMULA is the perfect program for you. It's packed with valuable information and resources that will help you get your store up and running quickly and easily.

The program covers everything from finding a profitable niche and creating a high-converting website to driving traffic to your store. Aidan also provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up your store so that it runs on autopilot, so you can focus on growing your business.

The eFORMULA system utilizes 100% free traffic and a unique wholesale model. This model involves purchasing profitable, branded physical products at low wholesale prices due to high demand and low competition. The products are then sold at a markup to consumers.

This is the same core model used by major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart to drive trillions in sales annually.

Some key aspects of what you don't need with eFORMULA:

  • Don't need extensive time to identify profitable products.
  • Don't need to worry about holding product inventory.
  • Don't need paid ads or traffic.
  • Don't need much time writing product descriptions.
  • Don't need branding, packaging, or design work.

Who is Aidan Booth?


Aidan Booth is a multi-award-winning online marketer, and a prolific Entrepreneur, having founded many companies. From affiliate marketing to eCommerce, small business marketing to SaaS (software as a service), and online education to speaking at seminars, the journey has been a rollercoaster ride with plenty of thrills along the way.

Aidan is proud to have helped thousands of entrepreneurs earn their first dollar online and coached many people to build million-dollar businesses.

Aidan Booth is passionate about lifestyle freedom and has focused on building online businesses to achieve this since 2005.

Aidan and his business partner Steve Clayton are the #1 ranked vendors on Clickbank,

They sell their products in over 100 countries globally, as well as in 20,000+ stores across the USA, to generate 8-figures annually.

Aidan is known worldwide as an online Education & EduTech expert having dedicated much of his career to teaching others how he has built his businesses through online training and publishing.

Away from the online world, Aidan is a proud Dad of two young kids, an avid investor, a swimming enthusiast, and a nomadic traveler. Check his LinkedIn profile.

Read his story, early life, and ventures

How Does The eFORMULA Work?

The eFormula method uses a specific process to help students in e-commerce and dropshipping. The eFormula system is based on four key steps:

Step1: Store setup

The first step of the eFormula method is to create an online store. The eFormula provides software called Cartzy, which helps you create an eCommerce store quickly and easily, even if you don't have much technical experience.

Step2: Product Sourcing

In this step, students are taught to find profitable products from a database of over three million products. The eFormula System focuses on selling products that have the potential to be profitable rather than focusing on specific niches. Most of the products are supplied by US-based suppliers, which eliminates China shipping issues and speeds up delivery times.

Step3: Driving Sales

After the store is established and products are selected, the next stage is to drive traffic to the online store. The eFormula approach employs successful techniques to attract high-quality traffic from a free source. No other dropshipping or e-commerce seller or vendor has ever discovered it. With a unique twist mentioned in this coaching program, this free traffic can be converted into happy customers. The most recent techniques are designed to produce immediate outcomes.

Step4: Optimization

The final step is to enhance the scalability of the online store’s operations. The eFormula offers critical insights and resources to optimize the store’s profitability. This involves methods to maximize sales and revenue. Mentors also instruct on the techniques to effectively manage and scale operations.

What Makes eFormula So Unique?

You might be wondering, what makes eFormula stand out?

It is the combination of free traffic utilization, a focus on high-margin products, and partnerships with US-based suppliers that truly sets it apart.

In addition, the platform promotes the idea of running a successful business without the burdens of excessive inventory and unnecessary staffing, making it a true one-person powerhouse.

  • Free Traffic Utilization

eFormula's method is based on search engine optimization (SEO). SEO techniques help improve a website's visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), which can drive organic, non-paid traffic to a website.

Benefits of eFormula's method include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: SEO is a cost-effective way to attract customers, as it does not require paid advertising.
  • Increased conversion rate (CR): Organic traffic is more likely to convert into customers, as it is generated by people who are actively searching for products or services like those offered by the business.
  • Sustainability: SEO is a sustainable long-term strategy, as it is not dependent on advertising budgets. This can help businesses thrive even in tight economic times.
  • High-Margin Products

eFormula teaches you how to identify and sell high-margin products, which increase your profits. This strategy allows you to focus on products with substantial profit potential, so you can maximize your return on investment (ROI) and minimize risk.

  • US-Based Suppliers

One of the strategies of eFormula is its consistent collaboration with trustworthy suppliers based in the US. This tactic not only guarantees product quality but also simplifies the operational workflow.

By choosing to work with suppliers located in the US, eFormula places a high priority on customer satisfaction. This ensures that the products you sell are of high quality, thereby boosting your store’s credibility.

Here are three primary advantages of this approach:

  • High-Quality Products: Suppliers based in the US are often associated with high-quality products, which leads to satisfied customers.
  • Efficient Operations: There’s no need to deal with international shipping or customs, which shortens delivery times.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Quick deliveries and straightforward return procedures result in content customers.
  • No Inventory Hoarding

Another factor that sets eFormula apart is its inventory management strategy. It is unique in that it eliminates the need for you to hoard inventory. This means you can start small and scale up gradually, reducing the risk of overstocking and cash flow issues. 

This approach not only eliminates the stress of managing large stocks but also optimizes your cash flow. It allows you to respond quickly to market trends, ensuring that your product offerings align with customer demand.

Additionally, this lean approach to inventory management reduces storage costs and minimizes the risk of product obsolescence. eFormula’s no inventory hoarding policy is a strategic move that sets you on the path to sustainable growth.

  • One-Person Powerhouse

eFormula’s one-person powerhouse feature enables you to single-handedly and efficiently manage your e-commerce business while minimizing overhead costs.

This represents a transformative element for those entering the realm of e-commerce, particularly if initiating operations with a tight budget.

  • Cost Efficiency: The elimination of the need for additional staff enables you to drive down costs significantly.
  • Decision-Making Empowerment: Full control over your business grants you the authority to make swift decisions, fostering agility in your operations.
  • Operational Streamlining: The one-person powerhouse feature empowers you to streamline operations, ensuring a lean and profitable business model.
  • Marketing Budget Detox

While running an e-commerce business as a one-person operation can save a lot of money, eFormula takes this a step further with its Marketing Budget Detox.

This innovative approach teaches you how to use organic traffic strategies to eliminate the need for expensive ads. You'll learn how to attract customers naturally, saving money that would otherwise be spent on paid advertising. 

The focus is on driving targeted traffic to increase sales and maximize your return on investment. By reducing your reliance on paid ads, eFormula helps you keep your marketing budget lean and efficient. This strategic approach allows you to redirect funds to other areas of your business. 

  • Simplified Sales Process

With eFormula's simplified sales process, you won't find yourself navigating complicated sales funnels or working hard over detailed product descriptions.

Designed for seamless conversions, eFormula streamlines the e-commerce journey, focusing on the sale of high-margin products without the need for complex sales tactics.

eFormula's approach simplifies the sales process by:

  • Prioritizing high-demand, high-margin products.
  • Eliminating the need for complicated sales funnels.
  • Bypassing the need for extensive product descriptions.
  • Product Development Detours

The eFORMULA system allows you to bypass the painstaking process of product development, branding, and packaging design. This enables you to focus your efforts on the core money-making aspect of the business - selling.

Instead of spending all your time on product creation, you can focus on finding profitable, in-demand items, optimizing your sales tactics, and boosting customer engagement. This strategic approach will help you overcome common eCommerce challenges and give you a competitive edge.

It's about working smarter, not harder. By using efficient systems, you can save time and optimize your resources. This will streamline your operations and help you make more money.

By detouring around product development, eFORMULA lets you skip product development so you can focus on high-level sales strategies. This unique advantage helps you build a successful business faster. It's the power of bypassing unnecessary steps that make the eFORMULA system stand out.

  • Hands-Off Product Handling

Embracing the hands-off product handling approach, eFormula transforms your eCommerce experience by handling the product shipping process, freeing up your time to focus on growing your sales. 

Here's why eFormula's approach is a game-changer:Automated Shipping Process: While the eFormula system handles the time-consuming task of shipping products, you can focus on sales and marketing.

  • Efficient Inventory Management: The eFormula innovative system ensures that products are shipped on time, keeping customers happy.
  • Boosted Profitability: By taking care of the logistical aspects, the eFormula system allows you to strategically utilize your resources, potentially boosting your profit margins.


Why should you consider using eFORMULA for your eCommerce business?

Here are key reasons to use eFORMULA for your online business:

  • One-Person Business - Streamline processes to eliminate the need for employees. You can run it alone efficiently.
  • Dropshipping Model - Avoid bulk orders and inventory challenges.
  • Drive Sales - Focus on growing your business instead of logistics.
  • Free Traffic - Attract your target audience organically without paid ads.
  • Simplified Sales - Remove the need to be an expert copywriter or brand guru.
  • Hands-Off Approach - Let eFORMULA handle the details for you.
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      Thanks a lot for your interest and great question!

      Well, the business model is the wholesale model.
      >> You only sell in-demand products that you KNOW people are BUYING…
      >> You only use FREE traffic…
      >> You DON’T need a website to get started…
      >> You DON’T need to do any marketing…

      If you have any more questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask.

      Best regards,
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