The Wholesale Formula Review 2024 and Bonuses – All You Need To Know

Welcome to The Wholesale Formula Review 2024 and Bonuses. That is the latest edition of Dan and Dylan's training program.

You will find a unique In-Depth, look inside, and honest review of the 2024 edition of the wholesale formula.

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The Wholesale Formula Webinar

Amazon & This Equals The Greatest Risk-Free Way To Start

(or Grow) An Online Business


There are literally hundreds of thousands of products sold on Amazon that do well despite themselves.

And most of these products you can, easily and quickly, manage for a brand owner in a way where - if you do the most basic things…

Can make you serious profits.

960 test subjects used a specific approach pioneered by two small town Kentucky boys to generate just a hair over one BILLION dollars in sales on Amazon - simply by taking already existing Amazon best-selling products and updating the presence of those products to better conform with what Amazon wants.

And if you make Amazon happy, what do you think happens? Join this free webinar to find out:

Monday, February 26th At [10:00 AM Pacific / 01:00 PM Eastern]

Who are Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors?


Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors, both eCommerce entrepreneurs and Amazon wholesalers, originate from Southeastern Kentucky, one of the poorest parts of the country, and have empowered countless students to attain success and establish their own businesses.

>>> Read their REAL STORY of how they turned a $600 investment into a $36 million sales business with a million dollars in profit OVER THE YEARS!

Important: Applications are only accepted once a year. Take action now!


What is The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula is a training program that teaches you how to build a successful and long-term eCommerce business with Amazon FBA using the wholesale model, "Reverse Sourcing Wholesale". Don't worry if you don't know what it is; we'll explain it to you shortly.

Dan and Dylan are actual sellers with real-running businesses earning 8-figures on Amazon. Their course is designed to assist others in replicating similar success by sharing proven strategies derived from their extensive experience and ongoing business endeavors.

The Wholesale Formula has been Developed by industry experts Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, the program provides step-by-step guidance on building and scaling a successful Amazon FBA wholesale business.

Some of the key topics covered in The Wholesale Formula include:

  • How To Set Up An Amazon FBA Account.
  • Competition Analysis.
  • Amazon Filtering.
  • Listing Optimizations.
  • Brand Registry.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Writing Awesome Emails.
  • Developing a Business Workflow.
  • Inventory Management Workflow.
  • How To Automate Your Work.
  • Running Sponsored Ads.

>>> You will BUY from brand Owner and SELL on Amazon <<<

So, If it is that simple, everyone would be doing it, right?

Yeah, I can tell what you are thinking. To persuade a brand to sell you their products directly, you must be skilled in doing so. That is what we teach in The Wholesale Formula: how to build relationships and provide value to brands so that they will agree to let you sell their products and give you a good price on those products so that you can make more money!

Dan and Dylan will guide you through the entire process, step-by-step, from "SCOUT" to find winning products, to "SOURCE" where you will directly contact brand owners, to "SELL / SCALE" to maximize your profits.


What Is Inside The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula Course contains 6 Modules With in-depth Videos, Webinars, Email Templates, Cheat sheets, , and checklists.

Module 1: Getting Started

This module serves as the course introduction, providing you with a robust groundwork for understanding the course structure.

During this module, you will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Understanding the Wholesale Business Model and its complete implementation.
  • The process of establishing an Amazon FBA Account.
  • Guidelines for initiating your business venture.

Module 2: Product Analysis

Within this module, you'll acquire the skills to assess Amazon products and identify potential success ones.

Additionally, you will delve into, but not be restricted to, the following topics:

  • Competition Analysis.
  • Sales Rank Analysis.
  • Profit Margin Expectations.
  • Importance Of The “Buy Box”.

Module 3: Scouting

Within this module, you will become proficient in the "TWF Scouting and Sourcing" system.

You will gain expertise in the following strategies and techniques:

  • Black Box Scouting.
  • Leaf Sourcing.
  • Amazon Filtering.
  • Super Targeting. (An in-depth approach to quickly identify numerous potential successful products!)

Module 4: Value Propositions

In this module, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to become a valuable asset to brand owners.

Dan and Dylan will instruct you to enhance your value to brands, increasing your likelihood of forging lucrative partnerships with them. 

Moreover, you will explore topics such as...

  • 27 Value Proposition Examples.
  • Creating Your Website.
  • Value Prop Website Structure.
  • Listing Optimizations.
  • Better Your Product.
  • Amazon PPC Training.
  • Brand Registry.
  • Identifying Unauthorized Sellers.
  • Keyword Research.

Module 5: Sourcing


You will discover the precise methods through which Dan and Dylan establish communication with brand owners (manufacturers), negotiate for optimal pricing to maximize your profits, and navigate the process of opening wholesale accounts.

What specific steps do they take to get things rolling?

They generously supply templates for various scenarios when reaching out to brands to ensure you don't miss out on any opportunities!

Plus, you'll delve into other advanced topics...

  • Approval Rate Expectations.
  • RPS Call System.
  • Mock Orders and Projections.
  • Cataloging.
  • Placing Wholesale Orders.
  • Brand Gating and Authorizations.
  • Writing Awesome Emails.
  • Wholesale Adventure Game.
  • Brand Health Report

Module 6: Operating

In the last module, it's crucial to understand how you can expand and take your business to the next level.

To achieve this, you'll need to explore valuable topics, such as...

  • Assigning Value To Your Time.
  • Your Core Company Values.
  • Hiring an employee.
  • Developing a Business Workflow.
  • Creating SOPs.
  • Inventory Management Software & Workflow.
  • TWF Business Workflow.
  • Running Sponsored Ads.
  • 5 Tips For Wholesale Success.
  • Flowster Walkthrough.

Q&A Webinar Recordings

Within this resource, you'll discover over 12 hours of webinar recordings featuring Dan, Dylan, and fellow TWF community members sharing their experiences, addressing important questions, and much more.

The Wholesale Formula guides students through the following steps:

Step 1: Identify Profitable Products

Learn how to perform product research and analysis to identify winning  products for Amazon sales. Dan and Dylan share their evaluation criteria to select the best products with high demand and profit potential.

Step 2: Source Products Wholesale

Utilize your product research to connect with suppliers and negotiate wholesale pricing. Acquire tactics for securing the most favorable pricing and terms.

Step 3: List Your Products

Create and optimize Amazon listings for high conversion rates and ranking. The course provides proven listing templates and best practices for effective presentation.

Step 4: Rank Your Listings

Focus on ranking your listings for relevant keywords to drive traffic and sales. The training includes strategies and launch plans to boost visibility.

Step 5: Scale Your Business

With a portfolio of successful products and proven systems in place, you can scale up your business. This involves expanding your product line, streamlining operations, and growing your Amazon brand.

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses

Once you enroll in the The Wholesale Formula training course, you will get:

TWF BONUS #1: TWF Coaching Momentum Program

($750 Value)

  • Free membership to the experienced 9-week momentum program designed to walk new students through the TWF training course, while guiding them to build and grow a successful business of their own!
  • Inside the momentum dashboard, you will find a step-by-step action plan for what you need to put into action as you go through each module of The Wholesale Formula.
  • Bonus video lessons for TWF Experts Coaches showing their personal tips & tricks, and strategies.
  • LIVE Q&A sessions with a TWF Expert Coach every two weeks to get all your questions answered.

TWF BONUS #2: Brand Optimization Formula

($1000 Value)

  • TWF All-Star student Aymeric Monello mastered the craft of optimizing Amazon product listings to help brands find more customers, sell more units, and better represent themselves online…
  • In Aymeric's Brand Optimization Formula Course, you'll learn his secret Compounding Effect, "The List" of 18 things you can optimize on any listing to 10x your sales, and his step-by-step System to perform each.
  • Once you're done, you'll know how to optimize any listing and provide MASSIVE value to any brand owner (this course sells alone for $997, but yours free with your TWF membership.)

TWF BONUS #3: VA Launchpad

($250 Value)

  • This is a 3-Module mini-course with 26 videos, where you will learn how to hire and manage a skilled Virtual Assistant (V.A.), who can help you take your business to the next level.
  • You do need one when your business starts to grow up!

TWF BONUS #4: The Business Owners Playbook

  • In this mini-course playbook you will discover skills you need as a business owner to be good at, such as 
    • Negotiation skills.
    • Business administration.
    • Hiring employees.
    • And more.

TWF BONUS #5: Resource Vault

  • In this section, Dan and Dylan are covering some topics which may not be needed for each student or business. You or your business may or may not need such topics, that’s why they made it as an additional module.

You will learn:

  • How Amazon works.
  • What is Amazon’s Seller Central?
  • How to open an LLC?
  • How To Set Up A Business. 
  • Using G-Suite.
  • And more.

TWF BONUS #6: TWF Alumni private Facebook Group

  • This is the TWF Alumni private Facebook group where all of the students, coaches, and authors are communicating, and brainstorming ideas.
  • Here you can find support by asking your mentors, colleagues, and coaches.

TWF BONUS #7: TWF Exclusive Software & Services Discounts

  • You will get a special discount for services that help you grow your business faster, such as
  • Restock Pro.
  • Tactical Arbitrage.

TWF BONUS #8: Lifetime updates. You don't have to buy again!

  • Upon enrollment, you will enjoy lifetime access to their program, so, you don't have to repurchase the course annually for access to their future updates, content, and methodologies.
  • All upcoming program updates come at no extra charge and are completely free of cost!

Rapid Crush Special Bonuses 2023


Rapid Crush BONUS #1: SmartScout Wholesale Product Sourcing Software + Rapid Product Analyzer

(Retail Value: $719.64)

  • It is simply the best software for fast and efficient product research, and we have arranged a free 3-month membership for you!


  • Filter Amazon's entire product catalog in seconds to discover all the hidden wholesale-friendly brands and products you can make massive profits with.
  • Get advanced metrics on products and brands that you can leverage to improve sales and land more wholesale accounts.
  • A list of hundreds of ready-to-go wholesale suppliers.

Rapid Crush BONUS #2:  Done For You Wholesaler Website

(Retail Value: $999.95)

  • In order to close brand deals, you need a killer-looking, professional website.
  • However, building a website right will usually cost at least $1,000 to outsource because this website needs to look polished.
  • Not only will your website look great, but it will say the right things you need to say to get brands to do deals with you.
  • Use this and hit the ground running.

Rapid Crush BONUS #3: Listing Level Up (& Keyword Radar)

(Retail Value: $6,250)

  • Aِn exclusive, members-only training where Jason Fladlien will teach you every Amazon listing optimization secret he knows.
  • Jason Fladlien will give you another exclusive training, where he will show you, with 100% free tools, how to find the keywords that everyone else misses.

The easiest way on Amazon to double the sales of a product overnight is to find the "un-obvious" keywords and put them on your listing in one of three places.

Rapid Crush BONUS #4: Brand Bit

(Retail Value: $2,000)

  • You will get a simple fill-in-the-blank template that you can use to effortlessly create a custom report for any brand whose products you want to sell on Amazon.
  • Be sure that when you show brands this report, they will be so excited to deal with you because it will be obvious to the brand owner how much value you bring to the table!
  • You'll also get a video explaining how to point and click it together in just a few short minutes.

Rapid Crush BONUS #5: One Year Access to VA Placement [Virtual Assistant]

(Retail Value: $661)

  • The Wholesale Formula is so simple that you can outsource most of the day-to-day work to virtual assistants (VAs).
  • VA Placement is where the VAs are already found, vetted, taught all the Amazon basics, certified on their skills, and ready to go.
  • These VAs have gone through the proprietary "VA University" program specifically designed for Amazon-based seller businesses.
  • Normally you'd pay a $97 set-up fee, and then a $47 per month membership fee. However, we've negotiated a deal where when you join The Wholesale Formula from this page, the set-up fee will be waived, and we will cover the first year of membership dues for you, saving you $661.

Rapid Crush BONUS #6: 5,000 Products In 136 Minutes

(Retail Value: $1,125)

  • We were on a conference call with the guys at The Wholesale Formula (Dan & Dylan) when, as an aside, they showed us a brand they just landed as a reseller and how they were able to sell 5,000 units of one of its products in two hours and 16 minutes.
  • Only The Wholesale Formula customers who qualify for the Rapid Crush bonus package will ever see or hear of this approach, and you won't find it anywhere else.

Rapid Crush BONUS #7: Compulsive Success

(Retail Value: $499)

  • Jason Fladlien hired a top expert, who is a go-to coach for some of the biggest celebrities and athletes who need to be "on" when the stakes are high.
  • They had him custom-design a specific audio program for customers who join The Wholesale Formula from this page.
  • This audio program has five powerful tracks that will put you in a calm, relaxed, and soothing mood while helping compel your success.
    • Track 1: Learning Nirvana
    • Track 2: Picking Products
    • Track 3: Landing the Deal
    • Track 4: Mid-Day Boost (Optional)
    • Track 5: Recharge

Rapid Crush BONUS #8: The Whale Bonus [IMPORTANT]

(Retail Value: $12,000)

  • Here's the deal. The "Whale" account, meaning one account they land makes millions of dollars just on its own. 
  • Yes, the real big (8-figure) successes using The Wholesale Formula all have one thing in common, that "Whale" account!
  • Dylan and Dan - creators of The Wholesale Formula - have landed several of these accounts.
  • You will not only how they landed this account, but even better than that. You'll get to see a full transcript of the actual call that took place to land them this 5 million dollar (in profit) deal.

You must sign an NDA to be able to watch the training where Dylan breaks it all down.

The reason for all this secrecy is because of how valuable and precious such a bonus is. So be prepared to watch it multiple times, and take lots of notes. 

Is This Program Open forever?

No, It opens once per year. However, enrollment is open now and will be closed on Thursday, 29th February 2024 | 11:59 P.M. Pacific.

REMEMBER: You will not be able to join The Wholesale Formula Program until next year at least (and the price is said to increase next time)


You missed out!

How Much Does The Wholesale Formula Cost?

The Wholesale Formula Enrollment Fee


Since the first launch of The Wholesale Formula in 2015, the price of the program has only increased and will continue to do so with future launches. So, in your marketing, you may stress that the price of The Wholesale Formula is guaranteed to increase in the future.


We provide these primary payment options for enrolling in The Wholesale Formula:



100% Money Back Guarantee

Dan and Dylan are protecting you with a NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. You have absolutely no risks. I only want you focused on success!

They says: 

We are proud to offer a 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee to pay-in-full customers only.

A paid-in-full client who would like a refund should simply email our team at support[@]thewholesaleformula.[com] within 30 days of purchase. Our refund policy is customer-friendly and has no other conditions or stipulations. Our team will process the refund and the customer will see the funds in their account within 5-7 business days."


The Wholesale Formula FAQ

Q: What is The Wholesale Formula, and how does it work? 

A: The Wholesale Formula is an in-depth training program designed by industry experts Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost. It focuses on the reverse wholesale sourcing method, guiding users through the entire process of building and scaling an FBA wholesale business on Amazon.

Q: Is this suitable for beginners, or do I need prior experience in e-commerce?

A: The Wholesale Formula is structured to benefit both beginners and experienced individuals. The comprehensive A-Z training covers every aspect, making it accessible for those new to e-commerce while offering valuable insights for seasoned entrepreneurs.

Q: How much time should I dedicate to TWF?

A: You may allocate a minimum of 15–20 hours per week to your new Amazon business. Dan and Dylan suggest approaching it as a part-time job at the beginning.

Q: Can I apply The Wholesale Formula strategies to marketplaces other than Amazon? 

A: While the primary focus is on Amazon, the principles and strategies taught in The Wholesale Formula can be adapted and applied to other e-commerce platforms. The core concepts of product research, sourcing, and scaling are transferable to various online marketplaces.

Q: How do I get started with The Wholesale Formula? 

A: To begin your journey with The Wholesale Formula, simply enroll in the program through the official website. Once registered, you’ll gain access to comprehensive training modules, support channels, and valuable resources to kickstart your FBA wholesale business.

Q: Is success guaranteed?

While Dan and Dylan offer tools, training, and support, they cannot guarantee specific results. The level of success for each student depends on the effort they invest in applying to the course. However, TWF offers the quickest route to establishing a successful and profitable Amazon FBA wholesale business.

Q: Is The Wholesale Formula legitimate?

A: Yes, The Wholesale Formula is a legitimate and reputable training program. Numerous students have benefited from their strategies and achieved success, making The Wholesale Formula a credible option for those looking to enter the world of e-commerce.

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